weekly photo challenge: on the move


We had decided to ride our bikes from Toulouse to Bordeaux along the Canal Lateral.  We took 3 leisurely days, having decided to stop along the way, enjoy the scenery, the food, and cozy or grand hotels.  Every time I go to the canal (more often the Canal du Midi) I wonder what it would be like to do it by boat instead of walking, running or cycling.  Many people take their houseboats, sailboats and small motorized boats for a short visit or a longer holiday.  Here a small sailboat is navigating the lock system, changing water levels to allow it to move along this engineering wonder of a canal system.


on the move


4 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: on the move

  1. It must take a lot of time to get a sailboat ready, from getting the sails in place to making sure there are life-jackets on board. It’s always nice traveling at your own pace. As you said, you get to enjoy the scenery, food and basically everything around you. It’s a great time to unwind and see the world for what it is. Hope you had a great time 🙂


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