weekly photo challenge: inle lake silhouette

In celebration of my sister’s 50th birthday, we traveled to Myanmar.

One of our very favorite stops was Inle Lake. A day of exploring on the water brought us upon this lovely fisherman, who, true to the area’s tradition caught his fish by tapping the boat’s hull with his oar, hoping to scare a fish out into the open. When he spotted any movement, he thrust his conical-framed net to the lake’s shallow bottom and released the ring that held the net taut within its frame, which dropped the billowing mesh. With one quick, well-balanced motion, the net and fish were brought back on board.

I believe that our friendly fisherman liked to pose for photos as much as he liked to fish. Lucky for us, my sister got some great shots against the morning sky. 






2 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: inle lake silhouette

  1. I love this shot! The fisherman standing on one leg precariously at the edge of his boat – he makes fishing look fun! But I’m sure he’s done this millions of times so he knows what he’s doing. Hope you didn’t catch him falling into the water 😀


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